• Kendra-Nicole Cray


Thrifiting is one of my favorite past times. There's something so therapeutic about this unique treasure hunt. I always go thrifting with an open mind. I try to let these items 'find me' in a sense. You never what unique pieces you'll find when you're out thrifting!

Most recently, I did a major #thriftinghaul at Goodwill in Dekalb County.

Checkout out some of the items I found below!

I also came across the cutest antique and thrift boutique in Snellville, Ga. Ally's Attic is a locally owned antique and thrift store with over 50 different booths to explore. I was so surprised to come across this place while I was out. They have alot of unique items!

Check out my Insta Stories for a look into this cute store!